How EHAS is using ICT to help improve healthcare in isolated areas of developing countries

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Talk by Dr. Ignacio Prieto - How EHAS is using ICT to help improve healthcare in isolated areas of developing countries

Date: Saturday (17th of January) at 11:00

Place: Sala 1.06 (video-conferência) FC6, Departamento de Ciência de Computadores, FCUP


"How EHAS is using ICT to help improve healthcare in isolated areas of developing countries"


Rural areas in developing countries are characterized by lack of resources, low population density, and scarcity of communications infrastructure. These circumstances make it difficult to provide appropriate health-care services. This talk explains research results achieved by Enlace Hispano Americano de Salud – Hispano American Health Link (EHAS) and how they have contributed to improve healthcare in isolated areas of developing countries through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). As the first step, EHAS always collaborates with public health systems to identify its communication and information needs. Based on the analysis of needs, EHAS does research on appropriate technologies to provide communication in each context and on information systems suited to needs of health personnel. In parallel, EHAS has worked to provide applications that, making use of the communications services installed, could improve the health-care services in these remote areas. In this line, solutions to improve epidemiological surveillance or to provide telemedicine services (like a digital stethoscope or a tele-microscopy system) have been developed. EHAS has also performed several researches trying to ensure the sustainability of their solutions and has summarized them in a Management Framework for Sustainable e-Healthcare Provision. Finally, the effort to spread acquired knowledge has crystallized in a book that details all the technologies and procedures previously mentioned.


Ignacio Prieto-Egido received his degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Carlos III University in Madrid. He worked for Albentia Systems as Field Applications Engineer desining and testing WIMAX networks. Later on he participated in the UNV University Volunteers Programme providing ITC support and working on capacity building for UNV and FAO Representations in Cambodia. His last job was as as researcher in ICAM of Castilla-La Mancha University, where he participated in R&D projects funded by Spanish public institutions. Nowadays, he is a Vising Lecturer Rey Juan Carlos Unversity and also works as Project Director of the EHAS Foundation, researching on applications of broadband wireless technologies to connect rural and remote areas of developing countries, and coordinating several cooperation projects on Latin America.

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